Saturday, September 1, 2007


Everyone is doing it these days - blogging I mean - and I've finally decided to take the plunge and set up my blog.
Welcome aboard! Here I'll be recommending some of my favourite notions, threads and sources for all the goodies quilters like you just have to have - now and then I'll give you peeks at my own stash of supplies - I think I have the most so should be the winner in the stash race!! Let me know if you have more. LOL
I'll also talk from time to time about my passions - which mainly have to do with fabrics from the 1825 - 1900 period and with traditional quilt design and technique.
Right now, foremost in my mind is the upcoming quilt show and sale in my little community - I convene it every year and am in the midst of delivering flyers , posting posters and rounding up exhibitors. Just hit on a great idea for participants - I have to drop off my 35 year old Bernina to the bernina lady to have it serviced and repaired and will get a bunch of leaflets and business cards from her to give out at the show - it's to everyone's advantage to make sure there is a local source for Bernina - tthose wonderful and indestructible sewing machines - for so long there was no dealer in this province - we don't need to go back to that again!
I posted the above image, a complimentary pattern from Moda fabrics, for use with their 3 sisters line called chocolat - a very simple pattern that shows off the lovely fabrics beautifully - I have in my stash two complete charm packs and some yardage as well and I'm trying to decide what to make with these treasured fabrics - ideas anyone?