Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I received an email yesterday alerting me to a giveaway benefitting a young farmer in Vermont who lost his whole CSA storage and processing barn to fire two weeks ago - a loss of half a million dollars which is only partially covered by insurance, will make it difficult for him to get up and running again as he lost all his stock, freezers full of meats and his packing machinery and stores. His CSA offers meat, fresh vegetables and fruit and locally grown and processed grain. People in the localvore and green movement are rallying to his support and to the support of the organic CSA movement.
Check out what happened  at Pete's Greens website:  http://www.petesgreens.com/index.html  Then go to the site that is hosting the most amazing giveaway to benefit Pete's operation and help get him up and running again: http://www.fiberfarm.com/2011/01/a-friend-in-need

Even if you are unable to donate, you can still enter the giveaway, but you will have only until Feb 6 to do so - so hurry!
In the winter, I am always short of disposable income due to extra electric and snow clearing costs, but I always have lots of good things in my stash so I have offered the choice of one of two prizes:
1) A Benartex wholecloth quilt kit - all you add is the quilting thread and the quilt batting and I am also offering email support and advice to the first time hand quilter too!

OR 2)you may choose a $50 gift certificate to spend on my vintage treasures online boutique: http://www.funkybabymine.blogspot.com/  which features children's items, vintage handmade and embroidered houselinens, small vintage decorative items, etc.
Pop on over and check it out - just click on the button in my sidebar on the right.


Remember, too, that the Moda Pillow Talk Blog Giveaway starts today - go to http://modafabrics.blogspot.com/2011/01/pillow-talk.html  to get started! There are some great blogs to visit and some great prizes.

See you soon - meantime, if you are on the eastern seaboard, both Canada and the US, batten down for a good one - I see a roaring woodstove and home made bread in my immediate future!!
Take care - and warm hugs from Janet!