Friday, October 1, 2010

Announcing Fall into Fall - and my giveaway prize is!!

In order to have a very inclusive giveaway, I decided to give a set of three handmade lavender sachets filled with fresh lovely smelling lavender - because this gift can be packaged very small and therefore mailed very economically, I can include everyone, worldwide in this draw! So come along and join in the fun - just leave a comment on this particular post and I will include you for the draw! This is so much fun I think I will soon have a giveaway on my other blog soon too!
Because all the sachets I had for sale at the local Quilt Show and Sale last weekend sold out, the fabrics used might not be the same - and in fact perhaps you would like to choose colours - that's possible too as I am making more at the moment.
Giveaway will be drawn for at midnight my time, on October 15th - hope you win!!!