Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall and Winter Open Hours

It's time to switch over to my fall and winter open hours for Hall's Harbour Quilt Studio - this year Thanksgiving crept up on me and I didn't notice it coming until last week!! At any rate, I am now open only on Holidays and weekends with the exception of later this month during the National Springer Field Trials which this year are being hosted by the Nova Scotia and PEI Springer Field Trial Clubs and will be taking place on the farm land back of my studio/home here on the West Hall's Harbour Road. The farm land was originally attached to the home lot on which my 1820's home was built. An interesting event for dog lovers and an excellent and green use for this beautiful land. Come out and watch for a while.
And drop in on me - I will be open!!
I plan to be open on the weekends until Christmas at least and later if road conditions remain good. Maybe we will be lucky and have an open winter, meanwhile I'm stacking wood!! It pays to be prepared.