Saturday, October 13, 2007


We did it!! And we survived, even though a little dazed and fatigued. We earned the most $ yet for the United Baptist church down the road from Grace and I and we received rave reviews from the visitors too.
The bake table was well received - the bread and muffins gone by midday Saturday. Connie brought in a lovely iced cake Sunday and it went not five minutes after it was placed on the table. Refreshments were yummy!
Lots of bouquets of dahlias and glads; green and partially ripe tomatoes and apples, jams, pickles and preserves - yum!!!
This is a picture I took on Saturday of avid quilters picking over the yardage, fat quarters and eighths, notions, books and patterns. This was taken in the Fellowship/Sunday School room - the church itself was reserved for our best yet display of quilts, many of which sold during the two days.
Now I am in recovery mode and catching up on housework plus making a dessert for the Historical Society's annual Dessert Party and Nautical Gift Basket draw to be held tomorrow afternoon after the Annual General Meeting.
Was having a crisis of indecision between gingerbread with whipped cream, lemon loaf, or apple crisp with whipped cream. Settled on the apple crisp and will make it using gravenstein apples - a heritage apple that does not keep over winter but is luscious either in a cooked recipe or eaten out of hand.