Friday, November 30, 2007

Too Busy to post!!!

The Christmas push is on - the giant quilt has already been received by the folks who commissioned it; and the small wallhanging will go out Monday, leaving the lovely Garden Maze to be finished. Two out of three is not bad and with luck the present one will be finished within the next fortnight.
I finally decided to remove myself (as did two other members of the same organization's Board of Directors) from a very stressful and no-win situation. It's amazing what a great new surge of energy for creative endeavours followed that decision. I look forward to a very productive new year as a result. Will still be involved with community affairs but within a different group with slightly different aims. Am looking forward to this and to tomorrow's ham and beans supper to be followed by the lighting of the community's Christmas tree on the wharf. Should be fun. Will be baking a couple of loaves of oatmeal brown bread in the morning. If you'd like the recipe - give me a shout. It's delicious!