Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winterizing the old house

Yesterday we had a really rude awakening after a lovely, mild fall as temperatures dropped well below freezing and a fierce wind blew in from the northwest off the Bay of Fundy.
I have been putting off winterizing my drafty old heritage home and had to hustle around putting up clear plastic at the kitchen windows and also I ran up a curtain to hang over the poorly fitting door to the attic staircase. No need to wonder what sort of fabric to use in my house with the stash that I have! So I looked out some lovely Provence inspired drapery fabric and got on with it. An hour later I had a colour and style coordinated curtain that set off my little French corner in the kitchen. It's a lot warmer in that corner now, too!

As you can see I've filled my old French granitewear pitcher with a huge bouquet of lavender that I got from the same farm that supplies my loose lavender for sachets. I ordered several pounds fresh this fall and am now making up and shipping lovely lavender sachets like you see in the picture below.
PRICE 3 for $27.50 USD flat rate for shipping 3 or any quantity is $5 USD to order