Sunday, December 16, 2007

Minor Mishap

We are about to have the massive snowfall that the US eastern seaboard is now experiencing - it is just starting here and is extremely cold. My first chore in the morning in the winter is to get the woodstove perking out lots of heat and replenish the heap of wood beside it. I was picking up wood just now and dropped a piece on my baby finger - much blood and therefore have to wait for it to scab over before I can start to quilt. So-o-o it makes sense to blog first, quilt later.
Lately I've been wanting to bust stash and my best efforts have been not to buy any more fabric for a while - I'm doing admirably well on that score but can't seem to find the time to actually make anything using my stash. I have lots of ideas - that's not the problem - the problem is finding time to work on my own creativity while completing the many projects that have been commissioned. Of course they take first place, but I think (I hope!) I'm getting to the point where I can make a New Year's resolution. I am resolving to set aside weekends for my own projects, using my not inconsiderable stash to complete lots of ideas floating around in my brain. Let's see if I can stick to this!!