Tuesday, November 13, 2007


YUCK!!! Today I was planning to go down off the mountain and take Marion's quilt to the Post office and ship it to her. She has been waiting so patiently and all I have to do later today is stitch on the hand embroidered quilt label and pack it up. I was then going to go on and pick up some fresh roasted fair trade coffee beans, go to the hardware store, shop for groceries and check my daughter's mail. Not in the stars today - has been snowing and sleeting and this is how it looks out my door so I don't think I will be going anywhere. Too slippy - this early in the year the roads have not yet been pickled in salt and thus safer, as they will be after a few more snowfalls. Tomorrow and the rest of the week will be much better - the temperature is expected to rise to 10 Celsius, which is around 60 Fahrenheit.
The descent to the valley floor 600 feet below me is very abrupt and if it can be avoided, not to be done in bad winter weather. I served my time with many white knuckle trips before I retired so avoid it now without guilt - LOL.

So today I will continue working on Ruth's Garden Maze quilt - this is a lovely handpieced top in nice spring colours she purchased in her home area and someone recommended me to her as the person to handquilt it - need to get a better picture - my batteries are low.

May get inspired to work on Mich's wallhanging - it is a quilt version of an art print by Benjamin Chee Chee called Friends. Chee Chee was one of the founding artists of the Cree-Objibway First Nations art group in the 1970's. His wallhanging and Ruth's quilt are both promised before Christmas so I must work hard over the next few weeks.


Lumea lui Păcală said...

nice pictures

CONNIE W said...

Sounds like a good plan to stay indoors today. So, happy sewing.