Saturday, July 5, 2008

Enjoying Life as a Quilter

Nova Scotia in summer has got to be one ofthe best places on earth. Everything in full bloom, and most days warm but not too warm, a soft breeze and bright sun, ending with a Joe Norris sunset that is different each evening.

Roses, both wild and cultivated are in bloom. These are the wild deep pink ones that grow in my ditch, make sure you click on the picture to see some detail - these are exquisite!.The rhubarb has bolted, but now we have strawberries and baby greens and soon a progression of fresh local fruits and vegetables at more than reasonable prices will be here. It is so easy to eat nothing but local food during the summer months. There is a fresh produce market near the Post Office in the small village just at the foot of this mountain.
Love the early morning here - my window beside the computer faces west toward the bay and there is usually a breeze off the water. It is so quiet I can hear a dog barking way up the road and no cars go by this early on a Saturday or Sunday morning.
Am just finishing up my latest project for and am cutting out the next one. I have so many ideas flitting through my head for articles and projects that I have started writing them down.
Have just taken a good picture of my display area in the porch off my studio work area and will show you it after I have re-sized it later today. For now, my work day calls.


Catherine said...

We're also starting to get wonderful local fruits and veggies. I love this time of year.
Wild roses -- how absolutely beautiful!

ROZ said...

One of my fondest memories of N.S. are of those wild roses.

ROZ said...

HI, yes it's been a while since I visited N.S. Back in the 1960's. but I grew up in Sydney. Still have some family there.

Janet said...

Can you believe I've never visited Cape Breton - and my mother was raised there!! She went to Holy Angels' Convent in the early

Dawn N. said...

Your home sounds wonderful! And congrats on your new website too!