Sunday, July 27, 2008

Giveaway for quilters

As you will recall, I have launched a membership teaching site and am beginning a campaign to encourage people to join. Between now and the end of August everyone who becomes a member will have a chance to win a prize consisting of a book, fabrics, notions and perhaps a small quilt kit. I am gathering items at the moment and will announce a bit later the contents of the prize package. It will be worth at least $50 USD, and anyone signing for membership who hasn't dropped out during his/her first 30 days will be entered in the draw which takes place around the first of October.
The pictures above show my quilting library, a basket full of notions as well as a box of more notions and stacks and stacks of patterns. I will be drawing on this cache to fill the giveaway box as well as including some fabrics similar to the picture in the previous post!
I think you will enjoy checking out the projects listed so far and two more projects will be added very shortly at:

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Julz said...

Hi Janet - thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. It is always such a buzz to receive comments - and even more so, when they have been sent from across the otherside of the world :) Crickey how do you manage to look after 3 blogs and your website AND find time to QUILT... look forward to visiting with you again soon. Hugs Jx