Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's New?

My goodness! What isn't new? This is a catch-up post and I'm going to flit here and there to bring folks up to date.
QUILTS AT THE HARBOUR:What a weekend that was - catching up with old friends and meeting new ones while hosting an event which has become an annual must-do for local quilt lovers, and always a few tourists doing some early leaf-peeping come along too.
We had our most successful show so far with 4 major quilts sold and over $700 raised for the church as well. To this tiny community, that amount is remarkable and I want to thank all the people, exhibitors and visitors plus faithful volunteers (in particulart, Richard, Joanne, Kathryn and Grace) who are there for us each year. Word has spread too, about the quilters' gently used table and things sold so well that Saturday night I had to go home and raid my fabric stash for more items as the table was so badly picked over!!! I'm looking forward to next year already!!!

FALL INTO FALL GIVEAWAY BLOG HOP: Debi is hosting this blog hop at: if you haven't already been "hopping", hop on over and check it out - she has signed up over 150 blogs; each one of us is giving some lovely item(s) away if you sign up before October 15th, so there is still plenty of time to do some hopping. I'm thrilled at the number of people who have visited my blog to sign up for the set of three handmade lavender sachets that I am offering and if I reach 125, which is my goal, I will be adding a second prize of three more sachets. I've found so many new-to-me blogs that I want to follow that I know my winter will be a busy one!! Keep an eye on my blogroll for new additions. And thank you to the additional followers I have noticed signing up!

On the home front I'm plugging away at clearing all the summer accumulation out of my back porch so I can store my winter supply of wood under cover for those days when the wind blows hard and the snow falls deep. Slow work as I have two large and two smaller projects on the go for patient customers and those need to take priority. However, today I lit the stove for the first time this year and the warmth is lovely! Nothing beats heating with wood for surrounding you with  cosy comfort. And as they say, it warms you twice: while stacking and lugging, and while sitting cosy by the stove with a cup of coffee and some handwork.

And finally: QUILTING WITH JANET: GETTING STARTED: I haven't forgotten my promise to so many people that I will begin a programme of tips and projects and essays designed to help newbies with their biggest puzzles - I have talked to several other new and not so new quilters who are puzzled by such things as getting your corners to meet up, quilting across spots where several seams come together and things like choice of patterns and colours.
I'm debating starting with all the things you can do with half square triangles - see above! I have located some papers, workshops and lesson plans and will be adding content to the pages you see listed at the side of my blog. If you decide to become a follower, I will give you a heads-up when new content appears on those pages.

Now I really must make myself a hot turkey sandwich and while the gravy is heating up I will lug in  more wood.
See you all later.
Hugs, and warm wishes for a happy Canadian Thanksgiving


Kathie said...

what a great little quilt
can't wait to read your tips and projects , yes start with this little quilt!
glad your sale went well, oh nothing like a fire in the fireplace!
I think you had better get your pile of wood ready soon!!!!

Janet said...

Hi Kathie: Thank you for becoming a follower. I think I will start with this concept, but must tell you that this is likely a freebie pattern that goes with a particular fabric line, in this case it was obviously civil war repro's which turns my crank so I saved the image - unfortunately I can't remember whose line it is or I would give credit.
So anyway - going to roll up my sleeves right after this Thanksgiving weekend (in Canada we celebrate a month earlier than in the states) and get ready to roll...

Linda said...

So sorry to miss your wonderful quilt show and sale but so glad that you did so well.

Janet said...

Hi Linda: I hope you will keep the weekend of Sept24 and 25, 2011 free - those are the dates of next year's show and we'd love to have you exhibit or just visit. I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

Linda said...

Thanks Janet. I will certainly try.

Patchmaker said...

Hi, Janet . . . Happy Thanksgiving! (Waving from Salmon River)

Donna said...

I would love to read (and use) your tips and projects. Thanks.

Janet said...

Hi Donna: Thank you for becoming a follower. Be sure to check out my giveaway on the October 1 post and sign up for a chance to win.
My first project will start next week.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

janet...thank you so much for popping by my blog and dropping a comment. i love your blog and your quilts. my granny was a quilter so i have quite a fondness for them and yours are beautiful! hope to stay in touch with you and i look forwarding to seeing more of your beautiful handiwork!