Friday, December 10, 2010


                                      another vintage postcard from my collection

It snowed yesterday and we now have about 6 inches of light, fluffy and white frosting  blanketing the ground. A good time to stay home close to the woodstove and drink tea while working on a crazy quilt restoration and listening to festive music.
Yesterday I was thinking of what to post on a client's blog for the pre-christmas week - I have come up with a great idea and have the blog owner's go-ahead to do it, so will post a link to it when it is published.
Meanwhile a picture of my favourite feather tree, which I'm hoping to get up soon on my kitchen table, with one of my "Star" series small quilts acting as a tree skirt.

Also I need to remind you of the pre-Christmas giveaway with a choice of wonderful prizes. Enter at: and get busy chalking up extra entries for yourself by displaying my FunkyBabyMine button and getting your friends to enter for the giveaway. Entries close at midnight on Christmas Eve - hope you win!!

                                              my home in winter.......

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