Friday, January 21, 2011


It's been a busy few weeks since New Years. As always in winter there is a lot to do in an old house to keep the cold and frozen pipes at bay. It has been a scurry of lugging wood in, ashes out; and waking a few times each night to keep the woodstove filled up and pumping heat. We've had lots of snow, but we're now a month past winter solstice and the days are gradually lengthening - can spring be far behind?

I've been busily designing blocks for an appliqued wedding quilt celebrating a life together for a young Nova Scotian couple who were married last August. As it develops and after they are the first to see the photos, I will be sharing them on this blog.

Last evening I was browsing around some new blogs about home decor - wanting to send URL's to an American friend who is renovating a 1930's Arts and Crafts style home, and I came across Bella's blog. Bella is hosting a giveaway which will be drawn next Wednesday. She is giving away a copy of the January 2011 issue of Jeanne d'Arc magazine. A cover shot  and a typical inside spread are shown below.   Go to  to sign up by commenting - you  can earn an extra ballot by becoming a follower of Bella's blog and another still if you blog about it on your own blog, as I am doing here.

This magazine is a high quality publication more like a book than a magazine and it retails for over $17 - I know, because I came close to buying it online the other night and became distracted by a momentary power failure that caused me to have to re-boot. Anyway - now I'm going to wait and see if I'm the lucky one who wins it instead!!!!

I'll be back after the weekend to talk a bit about quilting. One bit of news I have is that I have just made a rather large sale of vintage quilt kits so am working on re-stocking inventory. I already have a back order for one kit in particular, so the economy seems to be looking up.

Have a great weekend, I'm going to spend mine thinking about planting a few things in the spring!
Warm hugs!!   Janet


Neil and Susan said...

Stay safe and warm out your way Janet! Susan :)

Patchmaker said...

Mornin' Janet! It's a cold one today, isn't it . . . .