Friday, February 11, 2011


I've just had my first ever guest post published on Jenna's blog:

Needless to say, I'm just thrilled that Jenna is hosting my post on her blog!  Back in the fall, I quickly joined her wool CSA when she announced it and was lucky to get in as there is now a waiting list. I can hardly wait to receive the major shipment of this year's share which is expected to be sometime in late summer after her sheep are shorn and the wool processed and spun at a nearby mill.

Since I received two skeins and the hat I made for Jenna took less than one skein, I am going to knit another, smaller one for a baby or child this weekend and will show you the results as soon as it is finished and put up for sale on my shop: which in addition to vintage treasures features items for babies and children.

In other news, the giveaway held by in aid of Pete's Greens is over, having raised over $11,000 to help cover the uninsured loss by fire of the huge barn which supported the Pete's CSA, and I was among the lucky winners - I have won the entire selection of patterns published by "Champagne Maker" at:  I gave a child's size wholecloth quilt kit to the cause, and Julie, the winner will be receiving it in the mail very soon.
(I must apologize to all my various giveaway winners as this winter has seen a huge amount of snow and it has been very difficult for me to get out as I am somewhat disabled. I still have one set of prizes to go out on Monday - everything else is on its way!!!)

Hmmmmmm..... maybe something like this to make from Jenna's next shipment of wool? This lovely  selection of pretty patterns is going to really expand my horizons - I need to brush up on cables!!! Or maybe a lovely cowl - I'll also be getting that pattern - actually there will be over 30 arriving on my doorstep very soon!!! Yeay!!
Have to go take lunch out of the oven - catch you later.
Keep warm and safe this weekend.


Sandra Henderson said...

Hi Janet! I use to go over to coldantlerfrm a lot.,,
Didn't know about the wool.,,,
I'm bsck blogging, finally figured how to post with this gosh darned IPad! Vie been outside all day! Xo

Micki said...

Congrats! You are going to have fun with those new patterns.

Linda said...

Wow, 30 patterns! It will be hard to choose. I love the shawl in the photo. Nice to have one for the cold winter evenings.