Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am selling my collection of vintage and antique quilts

Hi everyone! Greetings from cold and soggy Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia. I'm still plugging away on various quilt commissions plus the small quilt of next to nothing expense. There aren't enough hours in a day!!!
But I have nothing to show you for now from the various projects, but I think I can knock your eye out anyway with what I show you today!

So for this nasty, bleak day I'm going to show you some highlights from my vintage and antique collection of quilts. I have decided to liquidate these lovelies through http://www.acoastalchristmas.blogspot.com/ and will be gradually listing them over the next few months along with some vintage bedlinens to enhance them.
Above is a sweet indigo flying geese  quilt  with doublepink setting squares -  a very traditional choice of colurs and prints for this period. Gotta love it!

 Reflecting my love of applique and of blue is this beautiful quilt, quite probably made from a kit, but I haven't yet found proof for this yet! Will keep looking though.

 This is the vintage 1950's 1960's "The Living Rose" kit made up with great skill.
 Definitely a quilt made up from a kit - now if I can just find out which one!!
 A truly exceptional loneststar with added verve - the quiltmaker chose a glorious pink/rose colour for the setting and carried the same colour through to the back too!! I'm having a hard time parting with this one!

This one is made from a kit and is in impeccably finished cross stitch - full queen/double size and suitable for master bedroom in that it is not too froufrou but is still lovely!

All these quilts have been carefully selected by me to have been completely flaw free - no rips or weak spots, nothing coming unstitched and above all no stains or funky odors. What's not to l0ve about any of them.
Watch as the complete collection unfolds on http://www.acoastalchristmas.blogspot.com/ and I hope I've made a cloudy unpleasant day a little brighter for you!

Until next time.....hugs! Janet

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