Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quilt Show and Sale over for another year!!

We held our 13th Annual Quilts at the Harbour Show and Sale this past weekend and made over $700 for the support of the lovely small church in our community. In these days of disappearing rural community infrastructure it is good to see an active vibrant small church surviving. So many other features of the rural community have gone - gas pumps, stores, and one room school houses. But the community of Hall's Harbour continues to support an active fishery, an up-to-date fire protection service, and a Historical Society and C@psite . We rely heavily on volunteers and so many residents work hard to keep the community active and growing.

It was so nice to have an opportunity to visit and network with so many friends, new and old! Often our lives are busy and we don't have the chance to slow down and share, but this event gives us a nice opportunity to do so. It was good too, to see what everyone is doing and to get fresh quilting ideas from each other!
One of my goals was to move out a pile of quilting magazines and quilt-related bits and pieces and it was good to see so much of it got to new homes - more downsizing and de-stashing will be in the works this winter.
And talking about winter, I think we may have had frost last night - very soon we will be starting the lugging of firewood and the countdown to Christmas!

I'm planning to be ready a little earlier this year - are you? I must get my fresh listings ready for FunkyBabyMine and A Coastal Christmas sites - keep an eye on them as I hope to make some progress there this week.
And if like me, you love the classic old quilt kits, both applique and cross stitch (wholecloth too!) you must check out - these lovely kits have become harder and harder to source and my inventory is extensive as we go into winter! Enjoy! And remember I also have gift certificates for those hard-to-buy-for ladies on your list.
Until next post, big hugs to everyone and apologies for not posting this summer. I must try to do better this fall.


Linda said...

Hi Janet. So glad your quilt show was a success.

Patchmaker said...

Hi, Janet; I'm so happy to hear from you. I was down your way a couple of weeks ago, but your Closed sign was in your door, so I didn't stop. Glad to hear the quilt show was a success!


Katou said...

Hi Janet,
It's pleasant to hear that everyone's efforts to present a beautifull quilt show was crowned with success; you didn't work for nothing!

We have had marvelous autumn days here in North Western Québec, with frost on some nights. We are really lucky to have such weather this year. We know though, that winter is at our doors, so finishing the outside chores is a priority right now.

I always want to start early my preparations for the Holidays but I usually have to do a blitz the week before Christmas...