Saturday, January 12, 2008


I finally finished the lovely "Garden Path" queen/double quilt top that I have been handquilting for Ruth in South Carolina. Before I sent it off to her yesterday I
took a moment to get a picture of it on my worktable - I usually do my photos outdoors in natural light, but in the winter my options are very limited - lol! Please excuse the poor quality. I show the hand embroidered label I put on this quilt in the other picture.

Now I can get on with Janie's quilt - a flying geese in very traditional solid colours of ochre, red and dark green, that I have posted here in the past. It is inspired by a quilt in a Pennsylvania museum's collection.
So happy to be making some progress!


Lisa said...

Well done on finishing the UFO!!!

Carole said...

Wow, a hand quilted quilt, what a beauty! I love hand quilting but find it takes the wayside due to other handwork that I enjoy, hand applique, hand embroidery. I still have a quilt waiting patiently for me to pick it back up! Congrads on finishing a UFO!