Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tutorial, Sea Creatures quilt - part 2 coming soon!

To all my friends who are waiting for the next installment of my tutorial on the Sea Creatures quilt I want to let you know that I have pulled out the fabrics for the quilt top's background using my choice of three printed neutrals for a pieced blocks background;and a second choice using one print neutral for a wholecloth background. The fabrics are shown in the photograph and the border will be the lovely "Nantucket" fabric by South Seas International that I show with it. Bonus: I am busting stash here finally!!! No new fabric will be bought and when the tutorial is finished I will have made two quilt tops, and hopefully started to quilt them too, to add to my studio inventory for the summer tourist season.
Part 2 will consist of piecing instructions and how to add the scalloped borders.
Hope you will find this project fun to do!


Denise (Nour) said...

The Sea Creatures quilt is a lovely design! I'm enjoying your (new) blog. Thanks!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

brrr, all that snow, no wonder you need quilts.

ROZ said...

Dear Janet, I'm glad that I came across your blog. I used to live in Sydney, but that was many many years ago. I love the sea life quilt.

IZAS said...

Dear Janet,
thnk you for visiting my little blog!, yes I'm learning quilting! (oh, my poor fingers...;) The picture is my first pillow. I go to patchwork class, but in Spain is quite expensive. Can you imagine ?, I pay 40€ by month, and I only have two hours in the week!!!
Thank you very much for visiting me and for giving me the opportunity to learn with you!
Your quilts are fantastic!
I would like visite you, if you don´t mind.
A lot of kisses from Spain!:
PS: Sorry if my English isn't very good, I hope you undestand me;)