Friday, June 18, 2010


So again, today I forgot to take my camera with me when I went to run errands. Ah well - Still a few days left to capture the lovely drifts of lupins alongside the roads up here on the mountaintop, and maybe another two weeks to get some shots of the lovely magenta coloured wild roses growing everywhere. Will try to get out this weekend and do so - I'm planning to go put up some posters for the July 1st Quilt Show and Sale, so must try to remember that camera. Meanwhile, I just took some pictures of the aquilegia blooming near my door so you'll have to content yourself with those.
The last of the three is of the purple variant which is blooming for the first time after having taken a couple of years to get established. Must find time to get some more plants in this weekend, but quilting is keeping me very busy!

Now to tell you about the Giveaway!!!
Go to FunkyBabyMine and check out what you have to do to qualify, and also how to pick up more than one entry.
The GIVEAWAY is open until midnight my time (Atlantic Daylight Saving Time) on June 30 and there are two great prizes - a sweet vintage teacloth and a lovely retro apron in funky 60's orange yellow and brown!!
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Anne Yarbrough said...

Janet, is this your main site for now?

Sandra Henderson said...

Janet, I am behind on your blogs. I can't get anything to come up on the Halls Harbour, the first one I found you on. Have you merged to this one? I know you are changing things around a bit. Sorry I'm behind, it's this way with me with everyone right now...
but I hope all is well. I'd love to see your photos of your CHurch show on the 1st.,etc. I really enjoy your photos. Take care. Sandra

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hi Janet. Thanks for visiting my blog. I just LOVE getting new readers. I try and post at least once a week but often it'll be a couple of times in the week. WOW, I did'nt really know which blog to check first. You must be busy keeping up with all your blogs. I will come back and check your archives. Handwork is so beautiful and your quilts are a work of art. Take care.

Lisa said...

Enjoyed browsing through your blog, gonna have to try your lemon loaf recipe as soon as it cools down some here :)