Thursday, June 10, 2010


Lately I find there are not enough hours in the day and my "to do" list keeps growing! As I live alone, if it gets done, it will be by me whatever it is: from garden care to running errands to minor home repairs. And of course I have to have time to work on my various quilt commissions. To say nothing of my own projects to add to my inventory for those folks who come through my door at my quilt studio during the summer months. At the moment I am in the planning stages of a large quilt commissioned by a young couple to celebrate their life together and their marriage taking place later this summer. I also have a small art quilt wallhanging on the go, and will be starting a large wholecloth quilt very soon.

So I really didn't need to launch a new website, but then again I did. I have promised to myself that I will liquidate my extensive treasure trove of lovely and carefully selected items and the way to go is to set up an online shop. So I am doing that and adding a few more treasures every day. I am open for business but not up to speed with a full inventory yet, so I'd suggest you check back frequently to see the latest.

In another week or so I will be announcing a giveaway at FunkyBabyMine which will run for the rest of June and may become a monthly thing. Start increasing your chances by becoming a follower(worth one chance!) if you are on blogspot and by commenting often, as a weekly  comment will give you another chance. Linking to  in your list of Favourites on your sidebar will earn you five whole chances! I will have a first prize and a runner up prize as well, and will announce what the prizes will be very soon. 


Sandra Henderson said...

Hi Janet! Lovely ribbon embroidery and I was going to link you anyways, now I find out I get extra chances! woo hoooo! XO

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow you are busy. I am in awe of your quilting; I too learned the needle arts at a tender age -- knitting lessons began the day after my 7th birthday. Our summers, spent in a small cottage without TV but with lots of freedom and free time, were our learning laboratories for knitting, hand sewing, embroidery, crocheting, tatting . . . but the only quilting i have ever done is small baby quilts that are pieced and quilted by machine.

All hand done? I went back into your blog (love your writing, you make me smile a lot!) -- and I want more quilt pictures!

Best wishes ... Cass
PS My husband and I visited your part of the world 2 years ago -- it is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That is one lucky couple. I have been thinking about buying one of these premarked quilt tops for some time. Wish someone would make it for me though!