Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I wish I could tell you which old European Master painted this lovely and devout Nativity scene. There was no credit line for it, so if anyone knows I'd love to know too. What is so lovely is that there are no rich robes and jewellry here and no kings or wisemen, just awestuck faces of country peasants, the rapt parents Joseph and Mary, and a few cherubim.
It's going to be a green and damp and chilly Christmas in Nova Scotia this year I think, but on the up side after days of gale force winds coming from the direction which causes my stove to backdraft I've finally lit the fire and met with success rather than  having to air out a cold house full of smoke!

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My friend Mich's giveaway is on until Midnight on New Year's Eve and is a wonderfully illustrated book featuring the Huron Carol as depicted by a First Nations artist, a metis poet and sung on an accompanying cd by Inuit artist Susan Aglukark. A unique gift for you, especially if you are not yet familiar with Canadian First Nations Art. Read the article on Mich's blog - informative and inspiring!!! Head over to:

Until tomorrow ~ my wish for you this evening:
That you are warm, safe and well fed and that you take a pause to remember all your blessings, and to make sure that someone less fortunate has a few blessings to count too.
Warm hugs,


Tahnya Marie said...

The wind comes down your chimney? I didn't know that was possible... but I have only just had a chimney for a little while. We have not lit out fire yet, I wish we would, but they are not overly keen on it unfortunately.

I can't wait for the drawing of your giveaway, I am so excited but trying not to get my hopes up, lol, I have only ever won one thing before, and that was long ago. My bunny has better luck than me. hahaha.

We have snow all around but it has been sunnier, still cold though. I am already looking forward to Summer. :)

Janet said...

I'm happy to avoid snow as long as possible Tahnya Marie, and am looking forward to spring already too.
What happens with the woodstove chimney is that since it is not quite high enough in relation to the peak of the roof and when the wind comes from he Southeast it whooshes over the top of the chimney and prevents the smoke from exiting the stove up the chimney - with big gusts there is acrually a draft comes down the chimney - hence backdrafting which is not at all pleasant! Lol!!
Merry Christmas to you....

gill said...

Our Christmas will almost certainly be white in the UK!
We've had snow on the ground for almost a fortnight with more forecast and it's bitterly cold so my fire is lit every day and no backdraft!!
Happy Christmas Janet