Friday, January 4, 2008


I simply cannot believe this! It has been snowing big huge fat flakes off and on again all day - this last bout has been going on for over an hour and appears to be one of our famous "off the Bay" flurries - it certainly is dark out in that direction. Have wuzzed out on a meeting this evening - cold, snow and after dark is not my cup of tea now that I am staring 70 in the eye!
Have been working hard on one of my commissions all day now - I have 4 more blocks to handquilt and then the binding will go on - yeay!!! And then if I can travel on Monday - off it goes in the mail to balmy South Carolina - think I can squeeze myself into that box too? Would love a little vacation from lugging firewood and dealing with snow.
Have been looking over my pile of WIPS and UFO's, and as well as the current two commissions I'm working on, there is also a scrap hexagon one patch, and a big block, very masculine quilt I decided to do after buying a huge amount of marked down Thimbleberries fabrics that despite their lovely "hand" and how well printed they are tend to be unashamedly muddy colours - I ask myself again and again - what was I thinking?
The price was right but outside my comfort zone - so, I guess it is a charity quilt in the making!
Whoops! just glancing around and realized I missed my small amish-style strippy quilt which is already sandwiched and being hand quilted - that is picture #1 above, and since I seem to be unable to add more pictures to this post will post the others in a new post just below.

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Eve said...

Haven't we got a ton of snow lately?! Wow.

What is a WIP? (I'm guessing it's similar to a UFO)